M.A. Anja Batram

Room: MB 3.141
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-28188
Department: East Asian Studies

Work topics

Coordination and teaching for the B.A.- and M.A.-program "Languages and cultures of East Asia"

Room booking for and databank maintanance of teaching assignments at the Faculty of East Asian Studies

Contact person for inclusion matters at the Faculty of East Asian Studies 

Co-founder of the "Erzählcafé für Studierende und Beschäftigte mit sichtbarer und nicht-sichtbarer Beeinträchtigung an der RUB"

Co-founder of the regulars' table "Multiple sclerosis" at RUB

Curriculum vitae

2009 B.A. Japanese Studies & Chinese Studies at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

2012 M.A. Japanese History (pre-modern)

2012-13 Coordinator of the student research project "MittelalterRealitäten" (MedievalRealities)  at RUB

2013-2017 Scientific assistant at the department für Japanese History (RUB)

seit 2017 Scientific assistant at the dean's office at the Faculty of East Asian Studies

Teaching assignments

  • Food Culture and National Identity in East Asia (Lecture)
  • Folk Religion in East Asia (Lecture)
  • Methods and working techniques for the study of East Asia (Exercise)
  • Concepts "East Asia" (Seminar)
  • Folk Religion in Japan (Seminar)
  • Shamanism in East Asia (Seminar)
  • Pre-modern Japanese (Exercise)
  • Reading of pre-modern sources in Japanese History (Exercise)
  • Shinto in History and Present Times (Proseminar)