Digital Index for the Collectanea on Folk Literature
( Suwenxue congkan 《俗文學叢刊》 )
 Suwenxue congkan

This index to the 620 volume collectanea Suwenxue congkan (Folk Literature: Materials in the Collections of the Institute of History and Philology) was compiled as part of a teaching and research project of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Department for History of China, Faculty of East Asian Studies, at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
This series is one of the most important sources for research on Chinese performative arts of the early modern and modern periods. It contains texts dating from the eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries, including opera librettos, narrative texts, comic sketches, as well as reprints of scholarly journals on the theatrical arts. The materials were compiled by the historian Fu Sinian 傅斯年 (1896–1950), the founding director of the Institute for History and Philology of the Academia Sinica. The Taipei-based publishing house Shin Wen Feng reproduced these texts photomechanically and published them between 2002 and 2016. Suwenxue congkan -PDF

Under the supervision of Dr. Rüdiger Breuer and Prof. Dr. Christine Moll-Murata, this index was designed and the data entered by a group of students and student assistants. The students participating in the project were Lisa Herrmann, Johanna Marie Poppek, Anna Schulte, Kai Wycisk, and Mark Y.S. Yang. The student assistants Xiong Hongyue, Huang Gufeng, Yang Yang, and Wu Kuan-Wei controlled and edited the Excel sheets. As a follow-up project, a search interface will be programmed by our IT specialist, Christoph Piechotta
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Suwenxue congkan 俗文學叢刊 / Folk Literature: Materials in the Collection of the Institute of History and Philology. 2002–2016. Taipei: Shin Wen Feng.



《俗文學叢刊》[資料庫]  [PDF 列印檔]   為中國近現代表演藝術重要文獻之一,蒐羅十八至二十世紀初葉之文本,涵如戲曲、說書、圖本、以及戲劇學術研究文獻等之再製等,由台灣中央研究院歷史語言研究所傅斯年圖書館典藏整理、台北新文豐出版,共620卷。

本索引建置計畫由柏睿晨 (Rüdiger Breuer) 博士與莫克莉 (Christine Moll-Murata) 教授主持,並由本學系學生 Lisa Herrmann、Johanna Marie Poppek、Anna Schulte、Kai Wycisk  與楊雁翔 (Mark Y.S. Yang) 以及學術助理熊紅月、黃谷風、楊漾及吳冠緯整理編輯該資料索引,並由  Christoph Piechotta  先生設計索引系統介面。