B.A. Programme

In Japanese Studies you can choose between a historical and a linguistic focus. In addition, you need a second subject.

There is also B.A. programme in East Asian Economics and Politics, where you can focus on Japan.

In the B.A. programme in East Asian Languages and Cultures you can choose Japan as a specialisation and acquire basic knowledge in another area (China, Korea).

All these degree programmes include 4 to 6 semesters of language training.

M.A. Programme

Japanese Studies can be continued in the M.A. programme focussing on history or linguistics, together with another subject.

You can also choose the M.A. programme on East Asian Studies, continuing Japanese studies and gaining knowledge of other East Asian languages and cultures (China, Korea).

The Master of Education programme can be studied with Japanese and another subject.

Further information

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Studying in Japan for a semester or two is recommended. There is an application process for our partner universities every year.

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