M.A. Sophie Takahashi

Doctoral researcher in the DFG-funded project DE ANIMA

Room: MB 3.103

Sophie Takahashi
Sophie Takahashi
  • historical linguistics, writing systems in Japan
  • digital humanities and digital scholarly editing
  • computational methods to access, analyse, and interpret text as data (machine learning, digital stylometry, text mining)
  • translation strategies and knowledge transfer in the Jesuit mission (16th to 17th century)
  • methods of glossing and translation of European languages (ōbun kundoku 欧文訓読)
  • manuscript studies, palaeography, and East Asian publishing history

2020 MA in East Asian Studies (focus area: Japanese Linguistics), Ruhr University Bochum
2020–2021 research assistant (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin), Ruhr University Bochum
2022–2023 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science international research fellow at Mie University, Tsu (host researcher: Prof. Dr. Kawaguchi Atsuko)
2023–2024 doctoral fellowship at the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tōkyō
2024– doctoral researcher in the DFG-funded project DE ANIMA, Ruhr University Bochum


  • (2024) (with Sven Osterkamp): »European Languages through Sino-Japanese Looking Glasses? — Ōbun kundoku in Japanese Translation History (Late Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Century)«. In: Ruselle Meade / Claire Shih / Kyung Hye Kim (eds.): Routledge Handbook of East Asian Translation. London: Routledge [ISBN 9781032170725], pp. 331–346. []


  • (2023b):『キリシタン文庫』目録に未収録の日本語誓文(ARSI Jap. Sin. 36, 196r-199v). In: キリシタン文化研究会会報 [ISSN 0287-5292] 162: 29–47.
  • (2023a): [review] »The Samurai and the Cross. The Jesuit enterprise in early modern Japan, by M. Antoni J. Ucerler, S. J. New York, Oxford University Press, 2022, 445 pp., £29.99 (hardback), ISBN 9780195335439«. In: Contemporary Japan. []


  • (2022) (with Miyagawa Sō 宮川創): HTRプログラムTranskribusによる日本語キリシタン版『コンテムツス・ムンヂ』のデジタルアーカイブ化. In: デジタルアーカイブ学会誌 6.s3: s123–s126. []


  • »Christ, Codices, Coding: Applying AI to Jesuit Written Artefacts«, DIJ History & Humanities Study Group, DIJ, Tōkyō, hybrid, 29.II.2024. [abstract]
  • »Anonymous Amanuenses – Multilingualism and knowledge transfer in a recently discovered Christian manuscript (16th to 17th century)«, Sixth Annual Osaka Graduate Conference in Japanese Studies, Osaka University, 6.I.2024. [handout]


  • »忘れられたエリート:日本人イエズス会士の多言語能力« [The forgotten elite: Japanese Jesuits and their multilingual language proficiency], invited talk, 日文研第8回共同研究会, 日文研 / International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyōto, 26.VIII.2023.
  • »アウグスト公図書館にある日本から来た宝物« [A treasure from Japan at the Herzog August Library], invited talk, 特別講義 「キリシタン写本の世界」, 三重大学 / Mie University, 26.I.2023.


  • »日本イエズス会Compendiaの新出写本とその表記« [The newly discovered Compendia and its mode of inscription], 第397回日本近代語研究会2022年度秋季発表大会, online, 5.XI.2022.
  • (with Miyagawa Sō 宮川創) »Digitization of a Japanese Christian Text from the Sixteenth Century«, conference DH_BUDAPEST_2022 & DARIAH DAYS, online, 24.XI.2022.
  • (with Miyagawa Sō 宮川創) »HTR プログラム Transkribus による日本語キリシタン版『コンテムツス・ムンヂ』のデジタルアーカイブ化« [Application of Transkribus for a Digitization of the Japanese Christian Contemptus Mundi], デジタルアーカイブ学会第7回研究大会, online, 12.XI.2022.
  • »Compendiaの新出写本におけるノミナ・サクラ« [Nomina sacra in the newly discovered Compendia manuscript], 第16回キリシタン語学研究会, online, 20.VII.2022.
  • »ドイツで発見されたキリシタン写本『コンペンディウム』―表記と翻訳について―«, 三重大学日本語学文学会, 三重大学 / Mie University, 25.VI.2022.