Hanmun Lab: Center for the Digital Study of Pre-modern Korean Writing Systems and Texts

Established with the generous support of VolkswagenStiftung, the Hanmun Lab aims to boost the study of pre-modern Korean written languages and texts by producing teaching materials, direct teaching efforts, and methodological innovations in digital philology.

Our current project-related work focuses on:

  • Development of innovative classroom and online courses for both accompanied and autonomous study of the relevant language varieties, hanmun and Middle Korean
  • Computer-assisted philological research that will contribute to the methodologies of digitally assisted text re-use and authorship/text group analyses in the field of East Asian Buddhism

Further activities comprise:

  • Teaching relevant courses
  • Planning, application for, and conducting further individual and collaborative research projects
  • Conducting workshops and further collaborative activities for strengthening networks of Korean Studies in Europe and beyond