About the Department

The Department of Japanese History provides the opportunity to engage in research and studies of a broad array of topics throughout the times to all who are interested in the historical development of Japan and its effects on the present. A focus to a certain degree lies on the early modern and modern times (from about 1600), but other periods, from the pre- and ancient history to the Middle Ages, are included as well. For research, the foci lie in social, economic, political and religious history.

Within the scope of our, in this form no doubt unique, Faculty of East Asian Studies many possibilities to pursue the history of Japan in the context of East Asia and to complement it through offers of other professorships (for example Chinese History and Philosophy, Korean Language and Culture, Religions of East Asia, Politics of East Asia, and Society and Culture of East Asia) are provided. The same goes for the offers of the Faculty of Historical Science, with which the Department cooperates in many areas.

The basic education of the B.A. takes place in collaboration with the Department of Japanese Language and Literature.