Bachelor of Arts at the Department of East Asian Politics

The B.A. programme East Asian Economy and Politics (WPOA) deals with economic and political questions and connections between the countries and regions in East Asia.

The B.A. WPOA is a joint programme of the department for International Political Economy of East Asia and the department of East Asian Politics. 

The programme for example addresses the relations between state, economy and society in East Asian countries or deals with quetions concerning the factors that led to the rise of East Asia as a politically and economically relevant region.

Another central issue is the international context and the question of the role of East Asia in global governance. 

Thanks to AREA Ruhr (Alliace for Research on East Asia Ruhr) can stundents, in the greater context of UA RUHR, attend classes at the faculty of East Asian studies at RUB and and at  IN-EAST at the Universität Duisburg-Essen.


The language of instruction is German and English -

fluency in German is a prerequisite, a good command of English is an advantage.


Language courses are offered in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

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