Bachelor's degree

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature runs the Bachelor's degree programme in Sinology in cooperation with the Department of Chinese History. Graduates can follow on the Bachelor's degree programme with the Master's degree programme in Sinology.

The aim of the 6-semester Bachelor's degree programme in Sinology is to provide students with the linguistic and methodological capabilities which they need to understand and analyze the linguistic, historical and sociological aspects of Chinese texts. As a second subject in the Bachelor phase students are advised to choose a subject which complements or underpins their study of the Chinese language, literature, history and philosophy from the methodological perspective. Recommended subjects are, for example, General and Comparative Literature, German Studies, other philological subjects (Slavic Studies, Romance Studies, Oriental Studies, English Studies), History, Philosophy or Linguistics.

Having acquired this kind of knowledge of the language, literature, history and philosophy of a country that is playing an increasingly important role in the world, our graduates are well qualified not only for an academic career. They can also apply this knowledge effectively in the political field, the media, cultural institutions, and business.

Additional information including module manuals can be found here.

Before enrolling, all applicants must speak to our Department’s guidance counsellor (Anna-Maria Rau).


Combination with the programme in Musicology

As part of a cooperation agreement with the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, it is possible to combine the bachelor's subject Musicology at Folkwang University with a subject from Social or East Asian Studies at RUB, including Sinology. This option is likely to be of particular interest to students who wish to study music sociology and ethnology. In addition to academic-scientific activities, possible professional fields include cultural management, the publishing industry, museums and public relations.

For the subject Musicology, successful participation in an aptitude test is a prerequisite for admission. The application deadline for the winter semester usually ends on March 15 of each year. For further information on the subject Musicology see here.

Master's degree

After passing the Bachelor examinations, graduates may go on to specialise in the areas of Chinese language, literature, philosophy or history in a Master phase which extends over four semesters.

The aim of the Master's degree programme in Sinology is to deepen students' knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language, literature, history and philosophy and to prepare them for independent sinological research.

Students from other universities wishing to enrol for the Master's degree programme in Sinology must hold a university degree, which in most cases will be a Bachelor's degree, in Chinese Studies or similar. The head of the programme will decide whether credits earned and courses taken at other universities can be recognized. It is mandatory for all candidates to speak to one of the guidance counsellors. Registration in the Master's degree programme is not possible without written confirmation that guidance has been given.

Additional information can be found here.

The Master's degree programme in East Asian Studies is a research orientated programme. Students who are interested in deepening the knowledge they have acquired during their Bachelor's degree programme in Sinology can step in a standardized, pre-structured programme, which meets the requirements of the Master's degree programme in Sinology. Students can choose and combine courses from history, literature and/or language/philology.

Additional information can be found here.

General Information

The department of Sinology offers various events during the semester in addition to the regular teaching program. Subscribe to this list if you are interested in extraordinary lectures, seminars, workshops, projects, film evenings, etc. and would like to receive the announcement emails for them. (e-Mails likely in german)